Suzy Burleson was born in Houston, TX and grew up in Port Arthur.

After receiving her degree from Randolph-Macon Women's College, she pursued graduate studies at the University of Virginia. She joined the Department of Radiology where she coauthored several scientific papers.

Wishing to return to Texas, she accepted a position at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. During the next few years, she coauthored a number of scientific papers.

After marriage and the birth of her son, she left the field of science to continue her interest in photography. Subsequently, she became a recognized photographer and editor, formed her company, Literary Enterprises, and performed research as well as editing tasks on a number of nationally published trade books.

Literary Enterprises developed into Letters Inc., where Burleson serves as president. A writing/photographic/consulting firm, Letters Inc. was given the Maine Award for the best photographic book of the  year. She also shot all the photography used in the University of Texas Press book, A GUIDE TO THE TEXAS MEDICAL CENTER.

Burleson's pictures have been chosen to hang in juried shows, including  New Orleans Photo Alliance exhibits and the Texas Photographic Society's annual exhibits. Popular Photography magazine awarded one photo Sports Picture of the Year and chose others as Top 100 pictures.

Her current photography project is traveling Texas country roads in search of interesting and unusual sights.